Specialized Rehabilitation for Amputation

Amputation is the removal of a limb. It can result from an accident, but more commonly, amputation is a surgical treatment for a limb that is no longer functional due a defect, disease, injury,  or severe and unrelenting pain. "

For the best outcome and prognosis, a patient who has had an amputation needs specialized help in adapting and returning to a normal life.

How rehabilitation can make a difference

HealthSouth offers pre-and-post prosthetic rehabilitation tailored to the individual needs of the patient. Recovery may include all or a combination of the following:

  • Physical therapy to strengthen surviving muscles and retrain them for movement and walking 
  • Occupational therapy for upper body strength and improved skills
  • Therapy specific to training for everyday prosthetic (artificial limbs) usage
  • Counseling services to help patients adjust to the emotional challenges a new amputee faces
  • Prosthetist for custom fabrication, fitting and training with the patient’s custom made prosthesis

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